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We deliver solid results to our physician partners by leveraging unique knowledge of certified EHR/EMR software systems to give providers or patients easier access to tools and health records. Contact us today to find out how we may benefit your practice.


On average, 30% of patients are non-compliant. To address this, we bring patients to the forefront of their health care with a patient centered business platform. This encourages direct patient engagement and brings continuity to health care protocols.


Providing excellence in client supportive services with our mobile diagnostic lab testing allows practices to focus more on patient care. With Lab Direct, your patients will adhere to compliancy with flexible and convenient services from a single portal.


Hospital Services Direct is dedicated to improving the overall performance of distressed hospital environments and strengthening their position within their communities by simultaneously reducing costs and improving patient care. With a team of experienced consultants, our goal is to provide our physician partners with guidance and deep insights into healthcare management through dedicated communications systems.

Who We Are

We bring advanced clinical and diagnostic lab services to physicians.

Hospital Services Direct is an industry leading hospital management and consulting services company designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of communications and financial systems. With our services, our physician partners are able to focus on delivering quality patient care and creating an ideal patient experience in a hospital environment. HSD is led by a team of seasoned physicians, financial and healthcare IT experts with a combined experience of more than 25 years in hospital management.

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Hospital Management

We bring advanced hospital management, clinical and diagnostic lab services to physicians.

By connecting you to our ancillary services, we can increase your revenues and address your patients’ needs to offer cutting edge clinical and diagnostic test advancements. Our dedicated and experienced strategic partners and subsidiaries are ready to serve your management needs.

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Transforming Patient Healthcare & Supporting Communities with Every Hospital We Serve…

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What We Offer

HSD offers superior financial, IT and lab services with results-driven solutions connecting providers like you to clinical and diagnostic laboratory services from a single portal. We are designed to make a compelling impact on patient care and hospital financial stability.

Eligibility & Analytics Software

An average practice will continue to lose $250,000 - $1.4m of their service revenues every year. To address this type of financial loss, we have developed a revenue specific solution for struggling hospitals and their weakened surrounding communities.

Home & Office Lab Services

Providing excellence in client supportive services is one of our primary goals. Our business model allows practices to focus more on patient care while patients benefit from our flexible and convenient services.

Patient Adherence Mobile App

Patient compliancy remains a challenge for many practices as 30% of patients are still non-compliant. Introducing them to a patient centered mobile platform is a faster and an easier way to help your patients stay connected and ensure compliancy to health care protocols.

Home & Office Lab Services

We offer customized solutions designed to address the changing demands of healthcare with our full range of lab services. Our comprehensive business model allows practices to focus more on patient care while patients benefit from our flexible and convenient services.

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Diagnostic Lab Services

We bring advanced clinical and diagnostic lab services to physicians.



Provider is contacted within 24 hours once enrolled with Hospital Services Direct to review the next steps and complete a needs assessment.

Medical Staffing

Upon enrollment in our ancillary diagnostic and hospital management services, we place a medical assistant in each office.

Marketing Materials

Marketing and patient education materials are sent to practices for display and distribution to patients.

Qualify Patients

Using analytics integration, patients are identified and eligibility is forecasted. Notifications for secondary services are generated.

Supply Acquisitions

Our services are tailored for you. Necessary testing or other service supplies and kits are shipped directly to your office.


Physician’s practice is prepared for official launch of testing program following a complete staff overview and implementation training.

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